If you want to learn how to get knack for platforming, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find out about a few tips and tricks to make you more proficient in this area. You’ll also be introduced to some cool and popular games that are perfect for improving your skills.


Knack is a beat ’em up 3D platformer from Sony’s new PlayStation console. The game features a mascot with attitude and a surprisingly well-designed set of mechanics. It uses a series of relics and Lego-like abilities to combat enemies and collect items.

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Knack has a lot of perks but a few shortcomings. The most important is his ability to shrink down. This enables the player to access areas that would otherwise be impossible.

But, that ability also spawns some interesting puzzles. There are hidden areas in each level with special gadget parts and experience orbs. You can unlock more advanced moves by gaining these orbs.

As you play through the levels, you’ll find that each one offers a different reward for going off the beaten path. If you’re the type of person who loves to explore, this game will appeal to you.


If you’re an avid puzzle gamer, you might have heard of Knack. It’s a platformer character who can morph into a big, giant hulk at the flick of a button. However, this isn’t the only way you can grow your critter. The game also features a skill tree that helps you unlock special attacks and upgrades.

Each time you beat a level, you’ll receive XP. This currency can be used to purchase upgrades for combat. But more than that, you can earn experience orbs, which are required to upgrade your skills.

To collect these, you’ll need to jump and move boxes. Sometimes you’ll need to collect certain metal parts. You can also use relics to build up your Knack’s size and powers.

There are secret areas in every level, which contain extra experience orbs and gadget parts. These are useful in the puzzles.


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If you’re looking for a new challenge and some co-op action, consider playing Knack 2. There are plenty of ways to get your knack with co-op, and you can enlist your friends to help you unlock extra parts and weapons.

As you play, you will learn more about the creature named Knack, who was created to stop the ancient war between Humans and Goblins. He has many powers, including being able to walk through lasers. This means he can avoid attacks, pick up and throw items, and even conduct electricity. You can use these abilities to take on enemies, or to gather relics and parts to bulk up.

In this second iteration of Knack, you’ll learn more about the mysterious creature and the city of New Haven. The game also adds a variety of new mechanics, such as floating jetsam and flotsam absorption, which will be useful as you explore.

Character development

Knack is a three-dimensional beat-em up platformer. It is a spiritual successor to Crash Bandicoot games. The game is developed by SCE Japan Studio and launched on September 5th, 2017.

The game’s premise is simple: an evil force is trying to destroy the world, and the player controls the character Knack. But it isn’t all fun and games. There are some serious obstacles to overcome.

For starters, the game is set in a city that is under attack by goblins. These enemies have gained access to modern weapons. Their leader, Gundahar, is on the hunt. So Knack sets out to stop them.

In the beginning, the character is a simple robot, but as Knack grows, his abilities expand. He can switch between small and large selves to face enemies. His special attacks are unlocked through experience orbs.