When planning for a special event, you may want to consider the costs of renting a party bus. Although prices can vary greatly from company to company, the average price of a party bus ranges from $100 to $200 per hour. You can also find discount packages.

The base rate does not include tolls or gratuity. However, there are a few other notable costs, like a drivers’ license, insurance, and a mandatory state permit. Depending on the time of year, the cost of a party bus may be less than you think. A professional driver can make your bachelor party or wedding reception travel experience fun and stress-free.

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As for the price, you should try to get a quote early. A company’s customer service representative can tell you if your date is available and what type of vehicle you can expect. If you need a bus for more than a few hours, you’ll have to contact several companies to ensure you find a vehicle that suits your needs.

Depending on the size of your event, you may need a larger party bus. For example, a 29-seater is a good size. Smaller buses, such as an SUV or limo, may be more cost-effective, but they are likely to lack some of the amenities of a bigger vehicle. Regardless of the size of your group, you’ll need to factor in a driver’s tip and other possible fees.

It’s always a good idea to ask about any special offers or discounts that the company may be offering. Some companies will offer coupons, promo codes, or free rides to entice you to book with them.

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It’s not uncommon to receive an email promoting a giveaway. But the best way to get an actual offer is to call up the company and speak to an employee. Ask them for a free drink, a discount, or a small token of their appreciation for choosing their company. Often, you’ll find they’re willing to make a deal.

One of the most popular party bus services is point-to-point. This is a service where the driver picks you up at one location and drops you off at another. Point-to-point options can be convenient for things like tailgating or attending sports games. In some cases, a company will charge an extra fee for a point-to-point rental.

The price of a party bus can be confusing at first. The good news is that once you know the basic facts, it’s easy to determine the right type of vehicle for your special occasion. Take your time to make a good decision. Do your research, read the reviews, and check out any discounts or freebies the company might be offering.

One of the easiest ways to save money on a party bus is to schedule a reservation on a non-peak day. During the slower months of the year, such as January and March, you’ll find that demand is much lower. Even on the busiest nights of the week, you can often find a bargain.